Sotoqvist deliver goods that are made in Sweden. Simple as that. We want to preserve the knowledge and wisdom that might soon be forgotten in Sweden

A lot of products today are inspired by Sweden, designed in Sweden, or made up in Sweden. Sotoqvist is all that, however we are proud to say that our products are also Made in Sweden

During the 1800 century Sweden had a blooming textile industry. Some larger cities in Sweden, such as Borås and Gothenburg was heavily dependent on this industry during the beginning of the 1900 century. Due to the industrialism and other countries decreasing labour cost, the Swedish textile industry almost vanished over a night in some parts of the country. In 2002 the last major textile industry in Sweden went bankrupt and before them, many other had joined the same destiny. Today, there are a few nished factories who are trying to add other values such as professional knowledge and quality before pricing.

Sotoqvist factory is one of those. For over 40 years they have manage to serve and operate within the textile industry. In the beginning of the 90s they sewed over 100 000 pile jackets a year. The industry was blooming until their customers moved the production overseas.

Today, Sotoqvist are using the same two seamstresses that worked during those glory days. So you can rest a sure that they know how to sew a pile jacket. We are not sewing 100 000 a year, yet. However, we are managing to keep a bit of the textile industry alive in Sweden. And we are truly proud of that.