Tanuki EDJKT Type 3 Denim Jacket

Tanuki EDJKT Type 3 Denim Jacket


Tanuki is a myth - the name itself has it´s roots in Japanese history, and the ever changing raccoon dog symbolizes the change in shape and image of the Japanese industry.

The logo NI is the Japanese symbol for 2. The bottom line represents history and tradition, the top line represents future and change. The colors represents the Japanese flag.

Everything is rooted in Japanese tradition, and the team behind Tanuki are all the backbone in Japanese denim industry. Their names although remains a secret.

Tanuki 18oz EJKT1 Earth Type 3 Jacket.

  • 18oz unsanforized one wash fabric.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Modern Tanuki Type 3 design

  • Hand warmers and signature chest pockets

  • Blue side-seam thread

  • Antique copper buttons.

  • Hand dyed deer skin patch.

  • White selvedge ID.

  • Made in Japan

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