Palladium started in 1920 manufacturing aircraft tires to support the needs of the growing aviation industry by using canvas bands under vulcanized rubber tires

After World War II Palladium uses its canvas and rubber resources to open its first footwear factory in Pont-de-Chéruy, France. Palladium used their expertise to make boots that were as hard wearing as their tires. 

In 1960 Palladium is widely adopted by explorers in Europe as the footwear of choice for extreme conditions.  Around 1990 the grunge and rave scenes discovered Palladium, the iconic Pampa boot becomes a fashionable look on a global scale. 

In 2009 Palladium re-launches with an urban explorer ethos and modernized construction techniques. The updated manufacturing process enables the brand to develop boots using modern fabrics and materials building a new line of boots for modern day explorers.