Japan Blue was started in 2010 by the COLLECT Mill of Kojima, Okayama. 

With a long history of manufacturing premium fabric for many renowned brands worldwide, the Japan Blue Group ( of which the COLLECT Mill, Momotaro, and Japan Blue Jeans are part of ) decided to use that experience to develop a brand with deep focus on high quality coupled with silhouettes designed for the modern man. 

Japan Blue is seeking to test out the limits of denim. The founders behind Japan Blue are all about the blue gold and the denim fabrics. The company seeks to continue the great work of Japanese jeans makers and to establish a superior product. 

Japan Blue fabrics and products are build with a lot of use and abuse in mind. Real Japanese craftsmanship and knowledge goes into these jeans. The basic 5-pocket jeans designs offered by Japan Blue focus on the Indigo colour and its unique ability to fade with time. 

All Japan Blue jeans are meant to fade and to show the history of wearage of every individual owner.